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Frequently asked questions

  • I would like to work with Prithvi Theatre as an actor - how do I join your company?

    The Prithvi Theatre is primarily a performing space, which is rented out for selected performances at a subsidised rent. We do not have a permanent performing company of our own. However we have produced our own plays under the banner of Prithvi Players and more recently, Little Prithvi Players (see 'What We Do') - each production is treated as an individual project - we do not have a repertory company. And casting for each of these productions is done in consultation with the director of each project.

  • I would like to participate in workshops for actors. Please tell me how I could do this ?

    The Prithvi Theatre holds annual workshops for children aged 6 to 16 during the summer vacations. We do not have any regular adult workshop in place presently. There may be occasional workshops organised by the Prithvi or other organisations and this information will be available on the notice boards at the Theatre.

  • I want to perform at the Platform Performance space at Prithvi Theatre as well as the Horniman Circle Garden shows - how do I apply?

    Both these events are run on a very personal level of knowing the work and the people involved - however you may send us as detailed an application - with credits, synopsis, reviews, and your approach to theatre - and we would respond.

  • I would be interested to do a work placement/internship/work experience with Prithvi Theatre - how do I apply?

    There is no formal internship programme at the Prithvi Theatre. However there are frequent requirements of volunteers who wish to give certain hours of the day/week to working at the Theatre - this work could range from clerical work, ticket selling, volunteers during Festivals, special events etc. Please do write in to us with your CV area you would like to work in and we could see what the available possibilities could be.

  • I am doing a thesis on Theatre and would like to study the history and effect of the Prithvi theatre. Is there any information I can have access to or may I interview any members of the Theatre?

    If you write in to us with details of what you are doing and what you wish to get - we could help with special permission to access some of our Archives - however this would be at the premise - no material can taken out for the premise of the Theatre. This website has significant material for a start. We can not guarantee any interviews with any members - and it would depend on your focus and time availability.

  • I have written a play and would like it to be produced - can you help?

    The Prithvi Theatre has no repertory theatre company of its own - however we do occasionally run something known as Theatre Positive which is a play reading programme where original Indian scripts are read aloud by actors - this does give opportunity to producers and directors to hear new work. You could send us your script and we would let you know if it has been chosen for any such programme. Please note we would be unable to send you back the script.

  • I run a school and cultural institution and would like your Summertime programme to be duplicated in my city. Is this possible?

    We would need to know more about your work and your aims. We are always happy to find like-minded partners to spread the work we do, and would be able to then look into the possibility of some of the workshops being conducted in your centre - however - Prithvi Theatre is very stringent about our modus operandi and if this does not suit you - we could give you the individual conductors contacts and you could approach them directly - and hold your own programme without using the Prithvi Theatre name and association.

  • I would like to conduct a children's workshop during your summertime programme - how do I apply?

    Please do send us your information with as much detail of your approach to you work and children as possible as well as your work experience. Most of our workshops are conducted by people whom we know or whose work we have seen - so it may be bets to give us an opportunity to come and see some of you work before we are able to decide. The plan for each years summertime programme is looked at in January each year.

  • I teach in a school and would like some children's theatre scripts - can you help?

    We could send you scripts of plays we have produced in both English and Hindi - though our most recent productions have been plays performed by adults for children (inspired by the GRIPS style of theatre).

  • How do I apply for dates at Prithvi Theatre?

    Date of Application.
    Name of Group, contact person, & contact address.
    Name of production(s) you wish to perform at Prithvi Theatre.
    Synopsis of plays.
    Cast & Credits for each play, NOC letter including original writer and translator/adaptor of play.
    Any other copyright certifications required – for music,artwork,paintings,folk/ traditional/ cultural content and photography.
    Relevant age group (if play for children).
    DRM numbers of scripts, ( Censor certificate ) (Maharashtra requires all scripts to be passed by the Censor Board).
    A brief note on your group (only required if your group has not performed at Prithvi Theatre).
    Signee - name and designation.
    A note on your publicity/outreach activity for generating audiences for your shows (we do not give dates for sold out or private, invitee-only shows).
    Dates are allotted bi-annually for regular shows. Applications deadlines and date allocations are as follows:
    In December application (for dates between April to September)
    In June application (for dates between October to March) The application may be sent by hard copy or by email [email protected].

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