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The Prithvi Theatre is a subsidiary of the Shri Prithviraj Kapoor Memorial Trust & Research Foundation.
The Prithvi Theatre is a completely non-profit entity depending on the patronage of individuals and Corporates committed to the development of the performing and fine arts. Since its inception it is these patrons who have enabled the theatre to grow and expand its activities.

The Trust was set up in 1975 in memory of Prithviraj Kapoor, to achieve the following aims:

  • To promote professional theatre, Hindi Theatre primarily, by providing and managing a well-equipped Theatre space at very reasonable costs, with all technical facilities.
  • To subsidise and promote aspiring and deserving stage artists, technicians, researchers, etc.
  • To host and conduct workshops.
  • To provide rehearsal and workshop spaces.
  • To create a theatre resource centre and research library (under construction).
  • To provide medical and educational assistance to theatre workers and their children.

We seek to be a catalyst for theatre - we were set up to promote and inspire professionalism in theatre, and we continue to work with that objective in mind.
Underlying everything we do - bringing it all together - that is the Prithvi approach, or the Prithvi Way:

An open and welcoming attitude

the theatre itself is built this way, with no main gate, just an opening that literally draws people of the path and into the theatre compound. Groups access Prithvi equipment and property easily, and are invited to make the theatre their home for the days they perform here.

A realistic sense of doing theatre in the country,

which means we are mindful of unnecessary expenditure, but will not compromise on the needs of a production.

A deep respect for the performance and the sacred space -

no entry after the 3rd bell, an on-going effort to quell cell phones, a staff and all volunteers trained to do their utmost to provide for the needs of the performance - to constantly think of what is possible rather than what is not allowed! We also do our utmost, in theatre events created by us, to ensure that every seat has an audience member sitting in it. Complimentary tickets are never handed out, but are picked up at the venue and released 15 minutes before show time, so that others eager audiences get a chance to see the show through last minute sales.

A belief in other people's ideas,

and in our role as a catalyst, to help those ideas towards fruition. Thus PTNotes - our monthly newsletter, a brainchild of the editor Ramu Ramanathan, Dhamaal which keeps resurrecting itself under many umbrellas - a brainchild of Satyadev Dubey - Prithvi gave it the space and Dubey ran it. Keli Festivals - initially held in collaboration with Prithvi, and now gets our full logistical support.

If you have a practical idea to contribute to the growth of and interest in theatre; Prithvi will mobilize its resources to help you on your way.

Constantly evolving, questioning ourselves and re-evaluating our work.

Prithviraj Kapoor

Prithviraj Kapoor performed plays in Hindustani across the country with his repertory company - Prithvi Theatres for 16 years, still that at the height of his career as an actor in cinema.

When he was forced to close down his due to his ill health, he continued to give enthusiastic support to any theatrical ventures by ex-members of his company.

After his death, a Trust was formed by his son, Shashi Kapoor, to continue his work, with the objective of encouraging an interest in the theatre. This Trust constructed a small theatre in Juhu - Prithvi Theatre - on the original site Prithviraj Kapoor built a theatre that was to be his company's "Home".

Prithvi Theatres

Prithviraj Kapoor began Prithvi Theatres in 1944, while he was at the height of his film career. While his first play was 'Shakuntala', his subsequent plays were all topical, addressing the concerns of the times, and were written especially for his company.

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Geoffrey Kendal and his wife Laura Lidell first came to India in the 1940s as actors with ENSA, the entertainment company for British troupes. This was the beginning of a relationship that was to last till the end of their working years, and later.

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The Theatre

Prithviraj Kapoor dreamt of having a 'home' for his repertory theatre company. In 1962, he leased 2 plots of land in Juhu's suburb of Mumbai. On one plot he built a cottage for himself, and the other he built a theatre.

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Core Members
Shashi Kapoor

Founding Managing Trustee

1976 - 2017
Jennifer Kapoor

Founding Trustee

1976 - 2017
Kunal Kapoor

Managing Trustee

2017 - Current
Felicity Kendal

HON. Trustee

2018 - Current
Zahan Kapoor


2018 - Current
Management Team
Lalit Sathe

Theatre Manager

Sanjay Pawar

Office Assistant

Bhavika Chauhan

Box office

Anurag Mishra

Box office

Narayan Dhanawade

Electricitan & Technical Supervisor

Balkrishna Shitap


Pradeep Sharma


Ashok Galiyal


Suresh Solanki


Jabbar Singh


Ganesh Babli


Satish Nachankar


Board of HON. Governors

Non-salaried eminent Persons invited for their skills and experience, from a wide range of backgrounds to advise and advocate on our behalf

Feroz A. Khan
Lalit Jain
Qays Taiyabji
Shernaz Patel
Shyam Benegal
Ustad Zakir Hussain
Ved Segan
Executive Asscociates
Lalit Jain

SFB Tayyabji and Co. & LLJ Law

Dilip Kapadia & Co. Charted Accountants
Noshir H. Dadrawala

CEO, Centre of Advancement of Philanthropy

Our Patrons

Corpus fund donors

Ashit Mehta
Asim Ghosh & Sanjnkta Ghosh
Harit Nagpal
Nachiket Mor
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